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About Tobi Art Fair

Tobi Art Fair is the triennial art fair that top art dealers in Japan exhibit and sell the artworks which are carefully selected in their specialized field. You can actually touch and feel the artworks before making a purchase. The fair is endorsed by the art collectors inside and outside of the country, and it is the great opportunity that you can encounter with masterpieces, including those which had been stored in museums in the past.

Tokyo Art Club, which was founded in the Meiji era, will exhibit the world-class Japanese artworks being classified into the four different genres: Antique, Tea Ceremony Wares, Modern Art, and Swords.

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Antiques include the earthenware potteries made during the Jomon period, Buddhist art, calligraphies, and crafts like lacquer and ceramics. The high-quality oriental antiques originated in Japan, which have historic values and reflect the time and aesthetics of each era, are highly acclaimed in the international market.

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Tea Ceremony Wares

It refers to the utensils used in the Japan tea ceremony, including the tea things like tea bowl, teakettle, tea scoop, and tea container, and the decoration tools like hanging scroll, incense container, and vase. Tea ceremony is considered as a Japanese composite art that host represents and arranges the tea room in order to entertain guests.

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Modern and Contemporary Art

Modern and Contemporary art includes the Western paintings, Japanese paintings, sculptures, and crafts made after the Meiji period. They has been developing in a unique Japanese way while incorporating western elements into their subject matters and techniques. Many artworks which express the characteristics of the artist are introduced. In Japan, modern art has been spread and developed in the postwar period through the department store market.

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The special collection produced by the samurai history and craftsmanship. Artisans’ commitment can be seen not only in swords but also in scabbards and handles. Having a strong presence just like samurai spirit dwells in, it can be said that swords represent excellent beauty.

6-19-15 Shimbashi Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004

Mita Line: 2 minutes walk from Onarimon Station [Exit A4]

Asakusa Line, Oedo Line: 5 minutes walk from Daimon Station [Exit A4]

JR Line: 10 minutes walk from Shimbashi Station [Karasumori exit]

Ginza Line, Asakusa Line: 10 minutes walk from Shimbashi Station

JR Line: 10 minutes walk from Hamamatsucho Station [North exit]


 This exhibition marks the Tokyo Art Club's 20th Toobi special exhibition, held triennially since the 1964 Tokyo Olympic year.

 Over the intervening decades our world has been embroiled in massive change, with an ongoing litany of unpredicted events and difficulties. And yet, splendid artworks always bring calming dreams and sentiments into our hearts. The members of the Tokyo Art Dealers' Association strive every day to convey these sentiments to the public.

 In this year's triennial Toobi exhibition, 65 association member art dealers are presenting a special selection of their best artworks. This exhibition will be a chance for visitors to talk with the booth attendants and actually handle artworks, unlike the usual situation in museums where you can only view art masterpieces housed in glass cases. This exhibition with its broad range of displayed items, from ancient to contemporary art, will surely satisfy all art-loving visitors.

 I look forward to welcoming all art aficionados to our exhibition, where we can meet and talk about all of these magnificent artworks on display.

Nakamura Jun
Tobi Exhibition Committee

Nakamura chairman
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