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Message from the President

President Jun NAKAMURAPresident

Tokyo Art Club was established in 1907. Since then, we are dedicated to supporting the development of Japanese art world through organising many art projects and activities more than one hundred years, in order to preserve and distribute prominent Japanese art, and to increasing public awareness of the right understanding of art.

Eminent art gives many people great pleasure and impression. Considering these circumstances, we feel that the mission that we are expected to perform is such a heavy one. Therefore, we would like to do our best to hand down Japanese art to the next generation and search for the new coming art.

Since our office building has reconstructed in 1991, we have hosted more exhibitions and programs of public events. Tokyo Art Club is more open to the public than before, and we hope more people will enjoy our programs and services as a centre of art and culture.

Please check the other pages on our website, where you can find the information on the events we host. Throughout the year, we organise panels on various topics of interest to collectors and the art world at large. Whether you're new to us or you're already seasoned participants in our events, we provide you with the services and tools to enjoy art. Your participation is always welcomed. Please feel free to visit us.

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